viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

O my bloody-slow-as-hell clock!

In these warm latitudes (not as warm as Mongo’s Colima or “el infierno”) is unbearable to work past lunch break. The heat is not the sole reason, but maybe the cause of a couple of them. Since I don’t feel like working anymore and I have another 76 nalga... (ok, ok, in English I don’t wanna be a Pocho) 76 buttock-minutes to burn in my office I’ll list my recent cultural acquisitions.

On top of the list is of course the new Texican whopper. I don’t believe they’re trying to mock us and certainly I don’t believe it’s an insult to our gastronomy. It’s just a product of global marketing. True, the Cowboy in the poster is not a vile redneck but a good-looking all-masculine Texan guy, and good for them! There must be Texans who are handsome. But the Mexican icon is a fat and very short guy, and he’s wearing a Mexican flag poncho. C’mon there are also attractive Mexicans (such as myself of course)! But as I said: it’s just pure global marketing. That’s my insight: since its just publicity and I’m, very used to the Mexican prototype I’m not offended. 

But apparently to wear the Mexican flag is a big offense to our Constitution. We’ve heard that since kindergarten, but I think we are overreacting; moreover, this insult was not even perpetrated on Mexican soil! If any of my fellow countrymen/women feels abused then he/she should reconsider next time he/she brings our flag to a football game or criticize Americans for exerting their law outside their boundaries. We don’t want to be hypocrites do we?

Next topic on my list: Atlas won. My local football team won against Aguascalientes’ Necaxa 4-1... not very interesting is it? So I’ll continue.

These temperatures make me fell sleepy after lunch (No need of a post to notice that). But not only me or my workmates, also our work-tools! Yes, this very computer in which I’m typing (wow, this could get into serious trouble with human resources) Is slow as hell. -Did you hear that HR? Change my computer please! As I was saying... It gets stuck in every minor operation ArcSoftware performs. I cannot work this way. But I can blog this way... hehehe nice.

Next! I watched Forrest Gump for my very first time. Good movie. No more comments because they will be like a decade old (wait! I googled it and it is a decade and a half old, wow! 15 years without watching such a big movie, has anyone not watched Pulp Fiction to break my record?). 

There are also a bunch of stories regarding weaponry, narco, Juarez, Zetas... but I don’t feel like writing about them. So I’ll wrap this post up having posted something about a Texican Whopper , a bunch of nonsense, and some things who do not deserve to be written about. 

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