jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Loopholes in Days of Future Past

This is hardcore geek and has as many spoilers as there can be. So if you haven’t seen Days of Future Past do yourself a favor and don’t read this.  I just worded the thoughts my über-geek friends Mel-o and Man-os had on our way to not been able to sleep from the excitement.

1. How did the de-powered mutants regain their powers? Magneto was injected with 4 syringes of Leech-juice on The Last Stand. Are the effects of the serum temporary?
2. How did Xavier regain his body? Yes, his consciousness was transferred to one of Dr. McTaggert’s vegetative patients but then why then can’t he walk now?
3. How did Kitty learn to send people back in time? Okay technically not a loophole, I’m just saying. Actually: two thumbs up there, Bryan: nice power extrapolation!
4. After the first scene, when the x-men are not dead, because –and I quote— “we got out in time so it technically never happened“ why then did Xavier sense they died?
5. How come if Mystique shoot and almost killed Magneto (and vice-versa) and made it perfectly clear that he’s a big a-hole, were they besties in X-Men one, two and three.
6. Where the hell is Gambit? Well again, not a loophole but definitely regrettable. Although I’ve heard rumors that Channing Tatum (no complaints on the piece of eye candy there Mr. Singer) is going to play in the next “inbetween-quel”. I just hope he magically regains his Cajun accent.
7. If in the non-altered timeline they captured Mystique after the attack on Mr. Trask to give the sentinels Mimic’s powers why was she alive and kickin’ on the first three movies? Did Mr. Trask happen to just take a few samples –of among others: brain tissue—and just let her go?
8. Why does the music on Quicksilver Walkman did not slow down, does he listen it on fast-forward? If so I assume it’s a pimped Walkman because that speed is no common feature on those devices we grew up with.
9. When Wolverine gets rescued, wasn’t it noted that the Stryker on the boat was actually her? Did she conduct the experiments on Wolvie after crying for his friends who where experimented on? Or the story of how Wolvie lands on Stryker’s hands is yet to be –again—explained?
10. When Magneto regains his helmet, Havok’s suit is stored right beside it. But he was in the army and rescued by Mystique. Did they capture him, forced him to strip, but then released him? That sounds like a script written by me.
11. In X-Men one did Mystique not recognize Wolverine? Well I’ll give that one the benefit of the doubt since in X1 she might have indeed recognized him, hence the kiss she sends to him on the battle in the statue of liberty.
12. How many mutants have the sentinels captured before the scene in Moscow? Do they really need to steal these powers to win? If they can copy powers I would expect them to be a little more devastating than pinching trough bodies terminator-style.  
13. So let me get this clear. Trask’s mutant-gene-detecting-iPod can be recalibrated by a non expert such as Magneto--who by the way spent the last three years in solitary—just by blind touching with some metal strips. I would expect more security measures from such an intelligent scientist as Mr. Trask.
14. But the most important of all. If the sentinel program started on the seventies, an in this storyline X1 to X3 happened, why are Xavier and Magneto enemies until at least 2004? I mean was the sentinel program put on hold until right after Phoenix blew Alcatraz up? So the government just did nothing during 50 years until they perfected the mystique-based sentinels? Let’s just hope Mr. Singer explains himself in the many… many more films to come.
I mean we’re dealing with serious science fiction here, and in words of Mr. Singer there are a lot of mutants out there who can do some awesome things. And yeah no one expect.s perfect coherence between movies, especially ones that involve time travel. This films are made to entertain us fans and the rest of muggles. Mr. Singer, please don’t stop making X-men movies. Just a tip, try making Wolverine a little less the main character, you’ve got tons of marvelous mutants to pick from... off the top of my head: Gambit, Psylocke, Deadpool oh wait, no! forget about that one, you ruined it in Origins