viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Yesterday's torn dusk

Rheinfelden (Switzerland) 25.03.2011

I am one of those who still believe that those lines on the sky not only look fantastic, but also that they are not part of any pharmaceuticals’ conspiracy to spread toxics (thus disease) and force us to buy medicine. Even though I feel indeed sick today (mysteriously one day after those lines were notoriously more abundant) I still believe those artificial clouds are due to copious amount of hydrocarbons burned to fuel jets, which as a by-product of combustion emit water vapour.

I am not saying that flying is good for the landscape. Let’s be aware that whilst flying is one of the most carbon intensive ways of traveling, those lines on the sky—to my taste—look fantastic. Let’s remember as well that even the best-intentioned actions have an environmental impact, as analogously the worst of actions may bring something beautiful out of them.

Like the beautiful sunsets when Santiago is polluted.

Santiago (Chile) 13.09.2006

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