jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Hartsville-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Here I am, again in Atlanta airport. As it is becoming a tradition—a personal and nearly a family thing too, if I might add—I finished my well nourishing MSG-free meal at Panda Express (that’s right bro, you can stop being jealous now) and I have plenty of time; so much as to be wasting it by blogging internet-free. Normally my stop time in the USA will have been barely enough, but something weird happened today.

What the hell happened with the never-ending queues at the passport control? What happened to the aggressive personal? What happened to the exhaustive-to-the-point-of-exaggeration scans?

As I unloaded from the plane I was received with a 3 minutes lane at the immigration desk , to my surprise the officer was in a mood as bright as the Mexican sun. Then my pack was directly forwarded to Switzerland so there was no need to stop in the toll zone either. But it continues; the x-ray scan was empty, my belongings went straight ahead with ease. And to top it all as my international flight was not listed in the nearly infinite departure’s list on this airport, the information clerk, a very cute black girl, welcomed me with a smile and even a “Good Morning!.”

I don’t know what changed in one and half year but I gotta say: Way to go Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. And—to be fair—way to go America!

PS. As I listed on my first visit this airport has not lost the attractiveness of its people. This enthusiastic review may be boosted by my personal good humour and in turn this good humour can be attributed to the prospect of a direct flight and that I slept 95% of the last flight (probably fuelled by last night’s scarce 5 hours rest)

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