martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Music against homophobia

Everyone blogs about music, so why shouldn’t I? It will be a light refreshment since it seems that my last posts are almost entirely devoted anti-homophobia activism. Is not that I want to go to the streets and yell to everyone “stop the hatred” but I’ve been recently touched (not literally, or was I?) by a delicate subject. So I’ll try to make a mash-up (using the word mash-up fits perfectly) of those things: music and stop H8.

Since my last visit to the motherland I had very interesting conversation with one my favourite girls (If you read this, just take the compliment don’t make me repeat it to your face). She is one of the most interesting people to have a conversation with, she’s very savvy (perhaps sometimes too much) and our interests are very similar. Even if we differ radically in many other subjects—notably homeopathy and pfff family constellations… oh! Oh! And fucking Twilight—I like to believe that our mutual open-mindedness lets us be good friends and have a strong respect for each other. 

As I was saying I listened to her. And I was zealous when I found out that this recommendation was much better than the sparkling-vampires fiasco. I even felt like my puberty grew again while I was avidly devouring every episode of all two-and-a-half seasons of the teenager musical Glee. If you’ve seen it you know that one of the main sub-plots is homosexuality during puberty with all what is around it: bullying, hatred and identity crisis. That explains my recently fervour for the cause and leads us to the second theme of this post: music.

I’ll try not to spoil anything but during the—to my taste—best scene of series, my favourite character (exceptionally portrayed by Max Adler) does something radical perfectly paced while Blaine (Darren Chris) covers this song. The song’s called Cough Syrup from Young The Giant. I don’t know if what moved me is the intensity of the lyrics or the richness of the portrayal. Whatever the case download it now purchase it legally: Cough Syrup from Young The Giant. I wouldn’t dwell—however—on the rest of the album, not worthy.

But if what you’re looking for is a good album from beginning to end, to listen as you would read a book. Run quickly to your nearest pirate bay iTunes store and download Megalithic Symphony from AWOLNATION. They offer 52 delicious minutes of joyous yet hard-enough indie rock. Yikes! There I was thinking that 2011 had nothing musical to offer, it just happens that the heads-up came a little late (thanks Max; not Adler, another Max).

Next highlight: Little Talks from Of Monster and Men. Very Björk-ish and Röyksopp-ish or perhaps nothing similar, well you know how difficult to interpret Nordics can be (thanks Pene). Furthermore, on the very-confortable-music-department check Gotye and his Somebody That I Used to Know (thanks Juan and Tom).

To close this topic: if you’re thinking of committing suicide because you’re having a rough time please remember that it does get better, just think of music and how if your dead you’ll never be able to listen to another song again, simply put: don’t do it, you’d regret it. Take me for instance: tomorrow I’ll celebrate pansexuality and music with the sweet transvestite fromTranssexual Transylvania. Can’t hardly wait. 

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