viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Reto tuputamadre de 30 días, día 7. Closures

So then what am I supposed to write about? I guess there are a couple of subjects worth telling. I’ll just start typing and see what comes out, thus don’t expect any coherence in my writing—at the end (almost) always I manage to write something fluent enough—but let’s see what happens.

I’d like to star with whatever the outcome, my body—that is my stomach, sleep cycle, and intestines—cannot cope with that amount of stress anymore. No I didn’t give up at all, I just did everything in my power, and got an almost-good outcome. My whole future or –not to sound so dramatic—my whole immediate future will be decided soon and I can’t do anything more. So I’ll wait, but in the meanwhile I’ll forget the stress, with or without the aid of substances (I’m talking about ethanol only, don’t start with your moralist’s speech just yet).

Next subject, I decided to lose my pre-header of “Reto tuputamadre de 30 días” because well, it got old, which means it’s not funny anymore. And has a very insulting tone that back in the day was hilarious, after this post will be just plain douche. Then, as it was a counter-challenge I set my own rules and I say that a challenge that is meant for 30 posts can end after the 7th.

“Very well, proceed”. I’d like to share that photo on the upper-left corner. Well I don’t care know if you agree with me but that bridge has it all: on the first plane, balls; then it had erections, widenings and even improvements. So I’ll let you decide. And to keep the location a “secret” I’ll give you only the coordinates: 53°19’45.15”N, 6°13’52.90”W (don’t be lazy you know 5 seconds on Google will reveal the secret). If you are mildly educated, however, you could give a very close estimate—it’s not that hard—of the location, so leave a comment with your guess without cheating and remember I’ll know if you try to fool me.

What next? I know I thank too much. According to my Pa that’s a good quality, I believe I’m scratching the boundaries of being annoying. But there are a lot of people to whom I’m in debt. I know you’ve already heard it ten thousand times before, but face it: I don’t buy expensive gifts (well not even cheap gifts for that matter) so I have to show it with words. In this subject to Caesar what it’s Caesar’s and if the cap suits you then wear it.

There’s another mention to which I have to address. I don’t know how they managed to come together in the same paragraph, maybe their relation to babies. No I haven’t knocked up anyone yet, but I wanted to send courage to a mother-to-be, to a mother that since recently is, and to the mother I love the most of all mothers on earth. They three are very often in my mind and I have specific words to each of them, which I will not say but know that they are good feelings indeed.

Okay that was it, there’s no beginning and no ending on the last post but at least I managed to squeeze some paragraphs out of my brain cells. Maybe in the future I’ll manage to separate bitterness, naughtiness, thankfulness and tenderness into separate posts. Meanwhile I insist:


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