miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

This one’s for you,

A little introduction. I was planning to write this just after my birthday to thank you, but you know, ETH just went crazy and then BBQ season happened: in summary I honestly didn’t find the time to write. As you can already imagine, this letter is to thank you.

A little who. My life in Zurich couldn’t be going better. For many reasons: winter’s over, school is almost over, I’ve got a few nice projects in the near future, I feel right in my skin, a friend escaped death, but by far the most important reason is: I’m doing great because of you. Whoever you are –wherever you fit in this tiny three-letter word “you”– you are one of the people who have been there for me: family, God, old friends, new friends, peers; give it the name you want, the bottom line is that because of you I’ve gotten here.

A little updates. This time of year I can say that my life has completely turned: from being down in the gutter four months ago to being once again on the summit of this rollercoaster called life. I’m writing this also to prepare myself for the next step, I know that this delightful stage will not last forever and that life will kick me on the nuts once again – ehem…examinationsessions…ehem. But by then I will know that life turns and the summit is reachable again.

A little you. Remember that life turns. Remember that even though you think you’re far away, the bonds we’ve created will remain there forever. You are not alone, and if I can return the favor you’ve given to me I will be most available. Finally, to summarize this corny letter I give you two words: Thank you.

2 comentarios:

Francesco dijo...

Thank YOU, man. :)

You're making me curious about your life turns, btw! ^_^

Luisfer dijo...

heheh Ciccio just the one just the one... let's wait until next exams :D

Hey did u watch the game... grande la escuadra azzurra hahahahahahaha